Jo is a registered member of various professional organisations.

Jo is also ensuring that knowledge gained from continued professional development is passed on to clients in the best possible way.

Jo has been involved with dog's for over 25 years. Having a passion for helping and training, Jo has also worked for several rescue centres, in a volunteer capacity, and also offered her training services free to those who required a bit of help with their "adopted" dog.  
At Just 4 Dog's Training ,You can be assured of a quality service that promotes balanced, intelligent dog training!

We believe that dog Training should be fun and a great learning experience for all involved, and the welfare of the dog is paramount.
Therefore, we strongly believe that a dog should be taught "No" as well as "Yes".

By simply saying " Reward based" or "Science based" training..or not forgetting "Purely Positive" training, it's a MYTH! Yes, that's right. ALL DOG TRAINING involves REWARD. Whether it's Clicker training to "MARK" a behaviour or just using our voice or touch..to SCIENCE and your dog, this is reward.

However, when we withhold a treat for example, to encourage behaviour, that is known as "NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT", so HOW can that be PURELY POSITIVE DOG TRAINING? It can't, and isn't.

There are 4  quadrants to Dog Training, and using ALL 4 = BALANCED DOG TRAINING.

Remember, by not saying "NO" to your Dog you are saying "YES" and allowing unwanted behaviour to continue.
We have yet to see or hear how a "Purely Positive only " trainer, STOPS unwanted behaviour without using all 4 quadrants mentioned above. Now is that because they aren't able to stop the behaviour using positive only methods? Balanced Dog trainers say yes.
Purely positive Dog training is misleading owners and failing Dog's, resulting in hundreds of Dog's being euthanised each year...for behaviours like jumping up at people or simply not listening..or indeed aggression.  



I will NOT give up on any individuals and their pets.   

It would not be ethical for me to take on any case, if I knowingly understand that it is out of my professional limitations.  

      Just 4 Dogs Training will always make sure that the Dogs interests & safety come first, and that clients are happy with any referrals we make for them in that situation. Remember, the Dog Training should be fun, safe and in a friendly environment, for you and most importantly, for your pet. x
Just 4 Dogs Training